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I've written a couple apps for the iPhone and put them on my own iPhone using a Provisional Development Certificate, but I'm attempting to get a Distribution Certificate so Apple can review them. I'm following their online instructions and I have completed the step to create a Certificate Signing Request, but when I get to the next step - "Submitting a Certificate Signing Request for Approval" the instructions say to navigate to 'Certificates' -> 'Distribution' and click the 'Add Certificate' button. I have searched the page as thoroughly as I can and I cannot see the button. Any help here is appreciated.

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I'm not sure why you can't see the button, but if you already have a distribution certificate in your account you can't get another.

If you created one for ad-hoc distribution, use that one for submitting to the App Store by creating a new distribution provisioning profile.
First it turned out the 'Add Certificate' button the docs referred to were not on that page, but if you select the "how to " tab it was at the bottom of that page. By that time I was confused enough I started from scratch, and what you pointed out - if you have one distribution certificate you can't get another - bunged me up for a while. So I decided to start from scratch a third time, starting with getting a development certificate, and somehow I got things so screwed up I can't even compile and install working versions on my iPhone. I've worked on the mac 3 times and each time it's just been incredibly frustrating.


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